Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009

Day 21

I was at work rather late tonight. Yes again. This time only to 7:30 not 9pm. Anyhow, I was pulling my purse out of my drawer and grabbing my keys, you know. The usual things one does before leaving the office each night: restart the computer, straighten the desk, prioritize things for the next day, leave nothing out that is confidential, grab your stuff and get the frell out. Only tonight I realized, I can't put things away, there is too much to prioritize, thankfully none of it is confidential but still. My desk is a nightmare! This is what happens when you go on vacation for a week. I've stayed late almost every day to get my desk back. I think I've finally made a dent.

Everything on the left is to be filed, everything on the right is either data input or expense reports. *cringes* ah well... job security.

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Anonymous said...

Now I can picture you at your desk when we're working.

Crystalle said...

You call that messy?? Yikes, I'd hate to find out what'd you'd think of my desk (if I were at home).