Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 06, 2009

Day 7

In the office, it stays cold year round. I have been known to wear long sleeve shirts and/or a sweater year round. Today is no exception. Usually it takes about 15-25 minutes in my car with no AC to warm me up and then I can deal with cooling off the car. Today it took less than 10 minutes... so I had to look at my car thermometer.. I'm sorry but its much too early in the year for this. Its the beginning of May for cripes sakes!

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Anonymous said...

Yowza! I'm always cold at work too. People think they need the a/c on when it's only 50° outside.

PayneAS said...

I am the same way. People think I'm crazy because I am cold all the time. I *wish* it were that warm here. Almost July (I know I'm replying late) and it is 62 degrees right now. Sigh.