Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 02, 2009

Day 3

Today was mother/daughter day... okay for some that's every day.. for me and Peanut it's a special day that we go out and shop, eat and hang out together.
She needed 2 things... tennis shoes and a banquet dress... naturally if you get a banquet dress, you need new shoes.. now the perfect shot would have been the pure joy on my daughter's face when she came out of the dressing room as we found 'the' dress.. and she twirled! Ah, but I didn't have the camera out. My bad..
Instead I'm showing off her new shoes.. they represent the two extremes that are my daughter. The kid that runs around and is just an all around goof and the princess that looked at her feet and said, "These are great, Mommy... I need a pedicure."

I'm adding this one for my daughter. It was the highlight of our day. We went to Mimi's Cafe. This is their.. erm.. ensemble dessert? something like that... As she looked down at this dessert, she grinned.. then looked at me and thanked me for a great day. It took everything I had not to cry. I love that kid of mine.

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Anonymous said...

That's great! I love Peanut's new dress shoes.

And the dessert looks to-die-for!

Anjel76 said...

Love how you posed the shows, rubes. Too bad we can't see the dress ... *chibi eyes* ;O)

CeeCee said...

Nice placement of the shoes.

It's as though they still have their feet in both worlds of little girl and young lady.

Jen said...

Both pics are awesome! Is that bread pudding on your dessert tray? That looks amazing...

Mao said...

Caparros shoes! I almost got a pair for my wedding dress, but was too late. They were out of my size. Psh. They were a bit different than the above (and white/silver), but I saw the brand and was shocked. :D

That dessert looks fabulous.

PayneAS said...

Found the shoes (finally after reading the dress post)! Beautiful!